Prepare for Mold Removal by a contractor at your home or apartment

How Do I Prepare My House for Mold Remediation Done by a Contractor?

Your indoor air quality should be at its best because it affects your overall health. When mold infests your home, the best way to restore the air quality is to have a professional do the remediation. You might be tempted to do the remediation, but this is not the best move. Professionals know what to do to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas and have the proper equipment necessary for cleaning. If you recently realized mold in your residence, here is how to prepare for mold remediation.

  • Although the mold remediation company will conduct an inspection upon arrival, it is also important to inspect the house yourself. Thoroughly inspect every room and corner, even those that don’t seem like they can have mold. This will help you keep out of these rooms to prevent further spread. Additionally, staying out of these rooms might prevent the health effects of mold exposure.
  • Don’t try to do any cleaning. Some areas seem easy to clean by yourself, especially surface mold. Leave the cleaning to the professionals for the best results. Furthermore, your attempt to clean might make things worse. Remember, mold thrives in humid conditions. If you clean with liquid products and fail to dry thoroughly, the mold will grow twice as quickly.
  • Do an air quality test. If you have individuals in your home who have sensitive health issues, it is crucial to conduct an air quality test. You don’t want emergencies in the middle of the night when you can be ahead of the situation. An air quality test will also determine whether or not you move out of the house immediately.
  • If the air quality is not up to standard, the next step would be preparing for temporary relocation. But with this, you need to be extra cautious not to ferry mold spores to your temporary location and back home when the remediation is complete. Ensure to clean all your clothes before packing and anything else that can easily dry. Use sealable bags or containers to store cleaned items to prevent further contamination.
  • Take care of your pets too. Pets are very sensitive to mold and might be the ones spreading the spores around your house unknowingly. You want to clean and move them to a different location as soon as possible. If you don’t have somewhere to take them during this preparation period, you can contact dog care services to offer a temporary home in the meantime.
  • Have photos or videos of every corner of your house. The company you hire for the job might be reputable, but even professionals make mistakes. Keeping tabs on what was there before and after will help you realize the changes made during the remediation. Additionally, you will need evidence if your insurer deals with the payment.
  • Relocate to a suitable place. It is not advisable to stay in the house during remediation for several reasons. The remediation process is long and noisy; this will keep you from concentrating on your daily activities. Harsh chemicals might also be used to treat mold. Exposure to such chemicals is harmful to your health.

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