How To Safely Remediate Mold Discovered in a School Classroom

Mold in Schools and Commercial Buildings Require Pre- and Post-testing for Health and Safety

Mold is, by itself, dangerous when dealing with it at home or in an apartment.

Regardless of that, things get worse when you get a mold problem in an office building or a school. Apart from all the illnesses, it can cause a problem who frequent the place since it’s often difficult to notice it’s there until it’s too late.

Nonetheless, there are some things you can do to make schools and commercial buildings safer and more prepared to address mold problems.

How To Safely Remediate Mold In School

One of the essentials of fighting mold at schools and commercial buildings is running pre and post-tests on the mold to determine the status of the situation and what to do next.

Regardless of that, many don’t know what those tests are for and think they are unnecessary. It’s fundamental to know when you need pre-and post-testing and how it can help you. Do you want to learn more about the matter? This is the page for you!

Read on to know more about mold in schools and commercial buildings.

How Dangerous Is Mold in Schools and Commercial Buildings?

As we mentioned before, mold issues are one of the most dangerous things you can have in your house or property. The reason for that is all the health issues they cause the people who frequent those places. Naturally, mold isn’t that dangerous if it’s just a mild problem.

However, even mild mold issues worsen if you don’t do anything about them. Things such as asthma and other breathing problems are common among people who live in a place with severe mold damage. This problem worsens when you deal with mold at schools or commercial buildings.

Firstly, the larger the property is, the more difficult it is to notice mold problems. Additionally, since many people go to schools and commercial buildings, the number of people who can get sick due to visiting those places is way higher than the ones who get sick from interacting with mold in a house or apartment.

How Can Pre-testing Help Schools?

Pre-testing lets you know if your building complies with federal mold standards or if you need to improve the sanitary conditions of your property. Remember only professionals can carry on this process, so don’t try to do it yourself since it could lead you to develop severe health issues.

What About Post-testing? 

While pre-testing lets you know if your building complies with federal safety standards or if you have a mold issue in the first place, post-testing helps you prevent mold issues from happening again in the future.

Post-testing shows you if the affected area was properly cleaned or if you need professional cleaners to keep addressing your situation. Apart from that, the results of the pre-testing combined with the building’s conditions status after going through a mold problem show people what they need to prevent the issue from happening in the future.


Mold at schools and commercial buildings is not something to take lightly, so don’t ever skip pre-testing and pro-testing if you want to solve this situation in the best way possible. Hire only the best mold removal professionals you can for the job, and see how your mold problems go away!

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